Friday, 14 July 2017

Our trip to Ashridge

We had a fantastic time at Ashridge this week, despite getting soaked to the skin! We had lunch around the campfire, had a dip in the pond and built some really cool dens. The torrential rain didn't dampen our spirits and we had great fun trekking through the forest. Here are some photos of our day...

Friday, 16 June 2017


We have had an incredibly exciting week in class. You may remember several months ago we celebrated our Roald Dahl Day and as part of our activities we released the "Twits" tied to lots of colourful balloons. We attached a message with our contact details on them and what we had been learning about in the hope that we would hear back from someone when they eventually landed. Sadly, the days turned to weeks of not hearing anything and we gave up hope of anyone ever finding them. UNTIL.....

A ping in my email box on Wednesday lunchtime announced the following news....

Dear Miss Lawrance,
Dear year 2,

We found your message about the Twits yesterday. It was lying on a beach near the village Henne Strand in Denmark. The dog of our uncle named Snow took care of it, so that we could take a picture.

It seems as if your balloons had taken a North-eastern direction and landed somewhere in the northern sea from where they swam a little to the coast of Denmark.

We are here on vacations and live in Germany. We added some pictures. You can see us, Sinja 13 years old, Mila 11 years old and Mijo 7 years old and also a year 2 pupil in a German primary school.

Our parents helped us a little with this email. But maybe you want to write back - we are looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best
Mila, Sinja & Mijo

Year 2 were delighted to receive this email along with the following photographs...

We will be replying this week and will hopefully keep in contact with our new German friends!

Thursday, 25 May 2017


We have had an incredibly busy half-term and the children have worked extremely hard. I am so proud of their attitude, enthusiasm and determination over the last couple weeks and am delighted with how well they have done in their quizzes!

On Wednesday, we had lots of fun getting messy in Art and ended up getting paint in some very unusual places! We have created some stunning pictures which we will hopefully finish tomorrow. Here are some pictures of our afternoon...

This afternoon, we have had a little celebration as a treat for all our hard work and played lots of fun games out in the sunshine. We even had ice lollies to cool us down in this hot weather!!

I hope you all have a wonderful half-term break and that the children have a good rest to recharge their batteries!!